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May 13, 2020

In today’s world, the only way to help people is to be heard. 

Michelle Mazur, Ph.D. is a  Messaging & Communication Consultant for rebellious entrepreneurs and thought leaders. She delivers audacious breakthroughs for business owners and speakers who want to stand out, be the best-in-class in their field, and position themselves in a category of one.

She is the CEO of Communication Rebel and the author of Speak Up for Your Business and Speak for Impact

In this episode, Michelle talks about the importance of speaking about what you do in a clear and captivating way as it is the key to reaching the people you could help the most and bringing more money in your business.

What areas might be stopping you from being your best, most natural leader?


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Key Takeaways:

"What you are standing against is the starting place to finding your message." – Michelle Mazur

"You are too close to your own message. You cannot figure this [messaging problem] out on your own." – Michelle Mazur

"People who are really innovating their industry and creating tremendous results need to create a message that is intriguing, captivating, and gets people's attention. " – Michelle Mazur


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